DSC04257Dave Jowett, British Cycling coach, and Simon Hall, a volunteer from the local cycling club Andover Wheelers, had a great first day with our Harrow Way students!  Dave and Simon, will be working with students from Harrow Way for a number of weeks following the British Cycling Go Ride Programme.
Year 7 were the first to venture out on the bikes – a crisp morning but all students were enthusiastic and keen. Braking, stopping and gears were all on the programme for Week 1.
A small, but exceptionally hard working, Year 9 group joined Dave and Simon after break. They were able to set off onto the grass and advance their cycling skills to include turning, correct gear choice and cycling on banks and through wooded areas. Liam, Laurence, Carlton and Ashley are now keen to take their skills off site!
After lunch, ten enthusiastic Year 8 boys set off round the back of the school and were keen to show Dave and Simon what they could do. After many circuits of the ‘track’ they were able to compare different gear choices, as well as build up their stamina. The boys also learned how to ride well downhill, negotiate tight turns by applying pressure on the handlebars and that it is better to stand up to cycle through wooded areas!
These sessions will continue every Monday. As a result of the programme, with the support of Andover Wheelers, Harrow Way hopes to continue hosting its own Cyclo Cross competitions.
Miss Sturges, SSCo