Year 7 Netball
Harrow Way 9 – Testbourne 6

This was the first ever game for these students representing Harrow Way and it was a creditable performance with them finishing as worthy winners. Alice Hill and Emily Gibbs shot very well and always kept the pressure on Testbourne.

Cerys Cousins controlled the centre court and showed excellent vision and precision passing. Lucy Edds worked hard in defence and completed some good interceptions. There is still some work to be done on footwork but a pleasing start.

Team: Alice Hall, Emily Gibbs (Capt), Sian Allen, Cerys Cousins, Jade McArthur, Alice Barker, Imogen Rhodes, Lucy Edds, Holly Wheeler

Year 8 Netball
Harrow Way 5 – Testbourne 5

Harrow Way let the game slip away and managed a disappointing draw despite being in the lead until the final quarter.

Inaccurate passing cost the team dearly in the end and is something that needs to be worked on. However it was nice to see some new faces on the squad and this should give added strength. Shooters must also make the most of their opportunities and not squander their chances.

Team: Ellie Potter, Beth Jeffries, Courtney Burns, Maddie Weeks, Katie Roche, Emma Helsdown, Tiffani Mayho, Nayana McGee, Emma Jones, Fletcher Burbidge, Elle Campbell