Year 9
Harrow Way 7 – Winton 4

This was a somewhat scrappy game due to the disorganisation of the opposition. Harrow Way found this difficult to deal with and lost their own patterns and style of play. However they were never really under any pressure from the opposition but will need to raise their game when challenged by better opponents. Cassie Weeks showed what strength she has and controlled the centre court, turning interceptions into goal opportunities for Harrow Way.

Georgina Harris as goal shooter dominated the shooting circle, although she now needs to improve her success rate at converting her shot attempts into goals. This team has some lovely positional play but too often it gets spoilt by inaccurate passing. However this is something that the team knows and will work on in training.

Team: Georgina Harris, Chelsey Renshaw, Vicky Wells, Cassie Weeks (Capt), Abby Wheeler, Lauren Willis, Maddie Loftus, Phoebe Williams

Year 10/11
Harrow Way 25 – Winton 5

Harrow Way was complemented on its standard of play at this game by teachers from other schools. They completely dominated the game and could have scored more if all of our shots had gone in.

Steph Jackson marshalled her team well and has proved to be a good captain leading by example and encouraging her team. Cathy Murray showed her strength in defence and rarely allowed the Winton attack to materialise into anything.

At half time the Harrow Way team made several substitutions and showed what strength and depth they have as a squad by continuing to dominate. Kelly Butler was effective at wing defence when she came on at half time and made some good interceptions.

An easy win for the team who look strong contenders to win their league.

Team: Alice Longshaw, Lydia Moulding, Steph Jackson ( Capt), Ellie Roche, Anna Bazzoni, Cathy Murray, Ella Howells, Kelly Butler, Lili McClean, Charlotte Knights, Abbie Portsmouth