Bulb planting Year 9 and 10 003“Thanks for Life”

Mr Badby and Mrs Catton took 22 students from years 9 and 10 to help the Rotary Club and other schools plant crocuses around the town.

The sun shone down on the students who, armed with their trowels, planted 800 purple crocus bulbs on the roundabout by Magic Roundabout. The Mayor came along to see the hard work that the students were putting in. The crocuses will be in full bloom in February to celebrate the “thanks for life day” which celebrates all the hard work the Rotary Club has done to help eradicate polio.

The Rotary Club explained to the students that the purple crocuses will come into flower in February to raise awareness of the good Bulb planting Year 9 and 10 025work that is carried out by the Rotary Club to rid countries of the devastating illness, polio. They went on to explain that when the children in Pakistan and India are immunised, no medical records are kept and so the children have their little fingers dipped in purple dye to show that they have been vaccinated.