Year 10/11
Harrow Way 22 – Testbourne 5

At last the new netball season is under way. A very new and eager senior team took to the court for the first time. Competition for a place in the team is hot this year and Miss Escritt has the luxury of a very large squad.

Harrow Way raced to a 7 – 2 lead in the first quarter and continued in the same pace in the second with a half time score of 14 – 4. Lydia Moulding and Alice Longshaw were shooting well. Throughout the game the team made many substitutions and still played extremely well but it never really upset their rhythm.

Ellie Roche was outstanding in centre court and controlled the pace of the game very well. Ella Howells and Cathy Murray dominated in defence and they linked well with Anna Bazzoni at wing defence.

Lydia Moulding was as nippy as ever at Goal Attack and Wing Attack when switched.

A special mention must go to Kelly Butler who played for the team for the first time and she showed how much she has improved and slotted in nicely.

An impressive start!

Team: Alice Longshaw, Annie Brookes, Steph Jackson (Capt), Lydia Moulding, Anna Bazzoni, Cathy Murray, Ella Howells, Kelly Butler, Abbie Portsmouth, Charlotte Knights

Year 9
Harrow Way 6 – Testbourne 18

A poor start to the season for the Year 9 team; although they would benefit from a more consistent approach to training.

The first quarter finished at 4 a piece, but Testbourne started to pull away and by half time the score was 9 – 5.

Harrow Way needs to learn to take advantage of their shooting opportunities and capitalise on their passing into the circle.

An excellent performance from Cassie Weeks in centre court allowed us to keep the score down even more.

Lots of work needs to be done to improve.

Team: Georgina Harris, Cassie Weeks, Chelsey Renshaw, Abbie Wheeler, Sophie Chilcott, Vicky Wells, Phoebe Williams, Maddie Loftus and Lauren Willis