DSC03349Year 1 children from Portway and Knights Enham Infant Schools arrived keen and excited at the Harrow Way Sports Hall recently. Year 11 Sports Leaders, Lisa Phillimore, Sarah Hartley and Sophie Attmere, had planned a super afternoon of multi skill activities and relay races, supported exceptionally well by nine Year 7 Harrow Way students.

Emma Jones, Emma Helsdown and Jenna Barrett expertly lead the three Infant teams and showed themselves to be excellent leaders!

The Hoop Game, Tri Golf, Cross the Swampy River, Treasure Cones, Target Throw and the favourite, Throwing the Javelin, were expertly lead by Ollie Stilwell, Charlie Donnelly, Keiron Nicholls, Ben Straffon, Ollie Patching and Lucas Harman.

DSC03242Two Year 1 children even showed they could be Olympic athletes of the future with amazing twenty metre javelin throws!

After a short break, the relay races started with bean bags being sent accurately and great running and jumping. Everyone was amazed that the children were only Year 1! It was a lovely afternoon with everyone enjoying themselves. As one boy from Knights Enham Infants said: “This has been the BEST yet!”.

Miss Sturges, SSCo Harrow Way Community School, would like to thank all the children for their enthusiasm and efforts. She also commented: “When I witness high quality leadership inspiring and enthusing younger children, it makes me very proud. Well done to all of the Young Leaders from Harrow Way School!”