DSC03170This is what Sue Hook, one of the Rural Schools Athletics Meeting organisers, said about Harrow Way’s Year 10 Sports Leaders.

Pictured here with Harri who was on work experience with TVBC, the leaders all did a fantastic job leading the field events. Not an easy task when you have lots of very excited and enthusiastic primary school children racing up to do their activity… and it is not necessarily their turn! All the leaders coped under pressure, measured and officiated accurately and consistently and were friendly and encouraging to all the young competitors.

DSC03169A special mention must go to Lynsey Grover who oversaw the field events, collecting in the sheets and checking that all was under control. The scorers on the score table were VERY impressed!

DSC03168Following the finish of the field events (totally on schedule!) they all helped out with the relays which is always a challenge to organise. And guess what? It worked fantastically with our Sports Leaders helping out. As Sue Hook also said: “They listened and then did what was asked of them with a smile. They are the best yet!”.

Well done Sports Leaders – excellent work!