DSC03151Cyclocross is definitely something new, and something very exciting! With the help of Mr Gardner who, through the Mountbatten SSP, is a qualified Mountain Bike leader, Harrow Way students had the chance to test their Cyclocross skills on the Harrow Way field last Thursday afternoon. Lots of fun was had and we are all hoping that there will be more Cyclocross events next year!

IMG_2149The event started with a walk round the course: an uphill start, a tricky little bend round the rounders pitches (easy to take it too wide and let your opponent sneak past you!), a long slog round the field before having to dismount between the long jump run ups. Competitors had to stop and dismount, lift their bikes over the hurdles, run with the bikes until the next set of hurdles, lift the bike over again and then get back on the bike ready for another tricky set of bends and a final sprint past the finish line.

Mr Gardner checked that all competitors were on the right size bike, had helmets on and knew how to ride a bike safely.

IMG_2160It was then time for the races! Individual time trials were first with everyone having the chance to individually race against the clock. Following this, students were matched up and set off in pairs for a competitive race. These were very exciting! Lots of great races, with everyone able to improve on their earlier times, so well done to everyone.

If anybody is interested in finding out more about cycling in Andover then speak to Miss Sturges or Lili McClean. Lili rides for Andover Wheelers and can tell you more.