Nat Sch Sps Week1Year 7 girls enjoyed a very exciting Benchball festival on Monday (ear muffs were needed!) and Year 7 boys took part in a very lively and entertaining Nat Sch Sps Week2Dodgeball competition today. The Dodgeball winners were the combined 7IC and 7AA. Well done to them but especially well done to all of Year 7 for their enthusiasm and sportsmanship! In total 60 students took part with Year 9 leading. Huge thanks to Ella Howells, Jessica Borley-Thorpe, Abbie Portsmouth, Lydia Moulding, Hallam Doney, Tom Longshaw, Lili McClean and Ellie Roche.

An inter-tutor Key Stage 3 Crazy Catch competition has been running during PE lessons and we’re very pleased to announce the following winners: 

Year 9   Gold winners: 9CAL; Silver: 9LT, Bronze, 9KLW
Year 8   Gold winners: 8HD; Silver: 8VT; Bronze: 8AB
Year 7   Gold winners: 7APM; Silver 7AA; Bronze 7IC        Congratulations!

All year groups are learning about the Olympic and Paralympic Values during the weekly assemblies, led by Silver Ambassadors Alice and Jonathan and Year 11 have their Ballroom Dancing lessons all week too.

Coming up will be Year 8 competitions and a Cyclo Cross event, as well as Rounders matches, cricket matches, a Year 8 Leadership Camp, the Superstars Final and a Year 2 Tri Golf Festival, lead by Harrow Way leaders.