One clear-cut game and one hard-fought, but still two victories for Harrow Way’s rounders teams.

Harrow Way v Rookwood
Year 7 19 – 6 ½
Year 8 16 – 14

The Year 7 team cruised to an impressive victory with some outstanding play both batting and fielding. With a first innings score of 12 rounders, HW were 9 ½ rounders ahead. This was helped by some excellent fielding between bowler Sam Tyler, backstop Beth Raynsford and 2nd base Emma Jones to prevent half rounders. During the second innings, HW maintained their comfortable cushion, adding 7 more rounders.

Meanwhile, the Year 8 team experienced a much tougher battle. At half time we led Rookwood by only ½ a rounder. First in to bat for the second innings, the girls struggled with their batting, with 7 players getting out in the first 20 balls! Izzy Smart and Danielle Brown fought bravely to add a final 1 ½ rounders but sadly got out, leaving Rookwood to score 8 for a win. Rookwood also struggled to hit the ball and similarly got 5 players out rapidly. Excellent teamwork by Chelsey Renshaw and Maddie Loftus prevented half rounders, and Cassie Weeks positioned herself excellently off 4th base preventing the full rounder and making one particularly good catch. HW targeted Rookwood’s main player and after finally getting her out, the last players fell before the end of the 30 balls.

With a confirmed win announced at the end of the game, a very relieved and pleased Year 8 team celebrated the double victory of the day.