The following has been agreed by the schools of the North West Hampshire Education Improvement Partnership (listed below) in order to protect and support our students and staff:

Andover Education Centre
Harrow Way Community School
John Hanson Community School
The Mark Way School
Test Valley School
Testbourne Community School
The Winton School

Social networking sites are an inevitable part of many students’ everyday lives. It is recognised that for the vast majority, these sites are used in a proper and respectful manner. This agreement is made to deal with those instances where sites have been used inappropriately, in order to ensure a united and consistent approach across the region. All those party to this agreement do so with the aim of ensuring that all students and staff are free to work in a safe environment where learning is central and not undermined.

Accordingly, any case of offensive, harmful, libellous or otherwise inappropriate postings/messages on social networking sites, or any subscription to a posting which is directed towards any student, employee or Governor within the school community, will be treated as a very serious matter. In any such instance, the school to which the student belongs will trigger its discipline/behaviour policy, putting the individual at risk of exclusion.

Any questions or concerns relating to this agreement should be directed in the first instance to the Head of the school concerned.