Harrow Way 23 John Hanson 16
On a lovely sunny afternoon a rather eager team arrived at John Hanson School fit and ready for a challenging game of rounders. The team had not lost a match so far this season and were keen to maintain their 100% record. Harrow Way won the toss and Lydia Moulding, the team captain, elected to field first.

John Hanson managed a very creditable 8 rounders in their first innings of 30 bowls. In fact it could have been higher but for some fine fielding at 2nd base by Ella Howells. Harrow Way gained 11 ½ rounders in their first innings and looked comfortably in control.

In the second innings John Hanson scored another 8 rounders making their total 16, setting Harrow Way a target of 4 ½ rounders for a draw and 5 to win. HW replied with a score of 11 rounders therefore winning the match by a comfortable score line of 23 – 16.

A good performance from the girls especially Annie Brooks as bowler, Ella Howells at 2nd base and Kelly Butler at 3rd base.

A special mention must go to Lydia Moulding for scoring a rounder by being clever and hitting the ball on the back hand to completely outwit the opponents.

Team: Annie Brooks Ellie Roche Lydia Moulding Clara Franklin Elisha Redstone Ella Howells Jessica Borley-Thorpe Kelly Butler Jess Wilson Lili McLean