Peer Mentor 051As a part of Harrow Way’s journey to becoming a rights respecting school, the Year 10 UNICEF Peer Educators were given the opportunity to go into Year 7 tutor groups and teach them more about rights, respect and responsibility. On the first day, the Year 10 students introduced themselves to their Year 7 tutor groups and got to know them all by making them all take part in an ice breaker activity. Peer Mentor 067On the second day, the Peer Educators taught the Year 7 students about wants and needs, explaining to them the differences and helping them understand that their mobile phone is not actually an item that they need. On the third and final day, the Peer Educators explained to the tutor groups how in the past, some countries have not had all of these rights. Peer Mentor 073They were taught about the holocaust and shown various photographs of what men looked like after they had been in the concentration camps for several weeks. They were also taught more about the UNICEF rights, and the four areas that they are supposed to cover: protection, development, survival and participation. The Peer Educators finished by giving the tutor groups a short quiz about everything that they had learned in the week.

The week had a very successful impact on the students and helped them learn more about what they can do to help us get the Rights Respecting Schools Award. It was also an enriching experience for the Peer Educators.

Written by Daniel Falcone