DSC02905Welcomed by Emily Francis-Pollin, four Year 2 teams from Knights Enham Infant School were very excited about their first school Tri Golf competition! They had been chosen to represent their classes because of how well they had played in their class competitions. These were led by our Harrow Way Year 10 Sports Leaders earlier in the year.

Nayana McGee led the whole morning, starting with the warm up (Tim Says – just like Simon Says!). She was inspirational in her leadership, impressing both Miss Sturges and the Year 2 teacher, Mrs Lobb.

While Katie Roche kept the scores, Mrs Catton, Shannon Allen, Kiera Hill, Flo McLean, Fletcher Burbidge, Maddie Weeks, Jasmin Rose and Emily Francis-Pollin helped the teams out brilliantly with their putting and chipping. Hannah McCague and Gemma Harper were superb at organising the setting out of the four games and helping retrieve the golf balls.

Four fun games later, it was Team 4, led by Shannon and Mrs Catton, who were awarded the winners’ certificates. Well done to them!

The eleven Year 7 girls were fantastic role models of Harrow Way School and are to be commended on their very high level of sports leadership. They are now looking forward to welcoming Knights Enham back to their Harrow Way Year 2 Tri Golf festival on Friday 2nd July, at the end of National School Sports Week.