DSC02892Chosen for their commitment to leadership within Harrow Way School, Jordan Simcox, Tyler Hiscock, Anthony Wharton, Chantelle Gleed, Brendan Harris and Abby Wheeler, spent a very hard working day at an Oxford School learning about the Olympic and Paralympic values (Friendship, Respect, Excellence, Determination, Inspiration, Courage and Equality) and planning how to promote London 2012 within their school. Accompanied by Miss Sturges and Mrs Loveridge, they impressed all at the London 2012 Conference with their ideas and questions.

DSC02894Debbie Flood, an Olympic athlete who has competed in Rowing at both the Athens and Beijing Olympics and who plans to make London 2012 her final bid for the elusive Olympic Gold, inspired the students with her recount of how she made it to the high echelons of an Olympic rower. Determination is the key to her success after being told at an early age she would never make it as a rower! She is pictured with the Year 8s and her Olympic Silver medal.

The first idea the keen Year 8s are planning to do is turn their July Year 2 and 3 Multi Skills Festival into a Mini-Olympics, with competitions for the primary schools based on the Olympic values. In addition to this, they already have ideas for 2011 and 2012! Keep your eye out for their Olympic notice board too!