Year 8 got off to a great start in this years ‘Andover Secondary Schools’ tournament, and continued to exhibit excellent netball skills throughout all four matches.

A pattern formed quickly, with Harrow Way winning 2-0 against Test Valley, 5-0 against John Hanson and 2-0 against Winton. Excellent interceptions from Izzy Smart and Cassie Weeks, along with smooth, controlled play from Sophie Chilcott, was evidence itself of a mature understanding of the game.

In the last game against Testbourne we managed to get the ball into the shooting circle on countless occasions, but strong winds made shooting difficult, and sadly resulted in a 2-0 loss.

This is a truly outstanding side, and definitely one to watch.

Team: Izzy Smart, Cassie Weeks, Sophie Chilcott, Georgina Harris, Holly Guiver, Chloe Lister, Vicky Wells, Lauren Willis, Abby Wheeler