DSC02555Friday after school, Abby Wheeler, Jordan Simcox, Allen Garrett, Brendan Harris and Chantelle Gleed set off with Miss Escritt for Tidworth Leisure Centre to have some fun playing Wheelchair Basketball! They were joined by other Year 8 Leaders from Mountbatten and John Hanson Schools. All were being rewarded for their effort and commitment to leadership within their schools.

DSC02556Organised by Rhonda Sturges of the Mountbatten SSP and run by Alan Caron of the ‘Wolverhampton Rhinos’, the Year 8s discovered what it was like to take part in this exciting Paralympic Sport. DSC02549Jordan found a unique method of keeping the ball in his lap, Miss Escritt learned how to shoot a basket and Allen was a natural at the ‘two pushes and a bounce’ rule. Well done and thank you to all of them for a lovely afternoon!