Harrow Way 13 – John Hanson 2
Harrow Way made a somewhat excitable start to this match – maybe due to the extremely cold and windy conditions. After a quick talk at quarter time they settled back into their usual well-disciplined way. Flo McClean earnt her first cap and fitted into the team well, managing to execute backline passes to Nayana McGee to get the ball out of defence.

Fletcher Burbidge ticked up well in defence and stopped the John Hanson attacks before they got to the circle. Ellie Potter had her eye in and shot extremely well.

The spatial awareness of this team is getting better all the time and with more practice look very promising for the future.

Team: Eleanor Potter, Maddie Weeks, Katie Roche, Emma Helsdown, Nayana McGee, Fletcher Burbidge, Flo McClean and Bethany Jeffries