day61Last night we had another foot of snow! We couldn’t wait to get out on our skies and play in the powder. The GCSE students benefited from an earlier start than the other groups as they were videoed for their coursework practical and they skied on untouched runs in perfect weather conditions … so there is no excuse for them getting a poor grade!

By 9.30 all of the other students hit the slopes for their last day of fun and frolics. Despite poor visibility and clouds coming in everyone thought that their morning experience was immense! The staff had the pleasure of trying to keep up with the top ‘top’ group. They witnessed Miss Escritt performing a spontaneous 360 which ended in carnage! Mr Hudson face-planting in some very deep snow where we all lined up to applaud him; but to top it all, just as Mr H was digging himself out, we saw a ‘Flying Dutchman’ cartwheel 3 times down hill with amazing panache, for which he received a round of applause from our students as he took a bow. At lunchtime there was a lot of chat about crashes, deep snow burials, face-planting and awesome snow conditions, and they couldn’t wait until the afternoon session.

It appears that this morning was a dress rehearsal as the afternoon proved to be more of the same. The best story of the afternoon belonged to Aaron Bowman who took a flying lesson over the rest of his group and lived to tell the tale. Apart from a slightly damaged ski, all was well. Harvey North and Henry Cook approached a ‘Ralentir’ sign which they thought meant ‘limbo’. They misjudged the height of the sign and ended up with it wrapped around their heads! They have now learnt that ‘Ralentir’ means ‘slow down’ and NOT duck!

day618Following the presentations of Ski awards, this evening has been very busy with packing, spending their last euros on junk (parents’ presents), tidying rooms, and Luke Holman saying the last goodbye to the Welsh girls’ school we have shared the hotel with all week.

That’s all folks. Join us for Ski 2011 in Tignes. Letters out soon!