Day4Ski 4At last the thermometer got above zero, so everyone looked decidedly thinner as they did not have to wear so many layers to keep warm. Also nobody had any excuse for crashing any more as they could see where they were going. However there were still lots of crashes so we have decided that we are rubbish at skiing. Ha ha!

The snow conditions still remain good and the forecast is for more snow over the next few days … we are sooooo lucky.

Day4Ski 64The top ‘top’ group found more deep snow, on and off their skis; the top ‘middle’ group were let loose in Val Thorens, a neighbouring resort; the two lower groups were introduced to the thrills of jumps and skiing in and out of the trees and sometimes actually into them! Billy Crockford had a surprise treat from a random ski instructor who, encouraged by Billy and his own instructor, was dragged by his feet in skis down the slope on his back spinning round and round, which caused great hilarity.

The progress has been rapid and this has had a lot to do with the students’ visit to the dry ski slope in Southampton and the weekly fitness sessions.

This evening the ski family have enjoyed a shopping trip to replenish their ‘E’ numbers. They also visited the local crepe man who made an absolute fortune. This was followed by a quiz in the hotel with our rep, Natasha. The eventual winners were Steph Jackson, Bethan O’Brien, Catherine Ruddick, Billy the Kid Crockford, Bena Tymms and Anna Banana Bazzoni. The runners up were Holly Guiver, Catherine Pearson, Lauren Erskine, Ryan Hampton and Alex Hunt.

The winners are now stuffing themselves with more rubbish as the prizes had that child appeal of ‘E’ numbers. A winning formula!