Day3Ski +56Today was the best day of the trip so far. Everybody was so animated at the end of their lessons. The instructors excelled themselves with their choice of runs and choice of tasks for the children.

Today the weather was kind to us and we had sunny blue skies. The views were stunning and all groups were able to appreciate them fully, as now even the beginners are skiing from the top of the mountain.

Day3Ski +56Some of the students were given the rare treat of deep snow skiing. This requires a different technique to normal skiing and not everyone managed to stay up right. Kameron won the best entertainment award today with his face plant into the snow. This was followed closely by Mr Hampton’s drop into a deep hole which was shortly followed by Miss Escritt. Day3Ski +25Harvey North managed to bury a ski which he took quite a time to find. The top groups also had the thrill of a few runs in the snow park, which basically involves pointing your skis down a track and gradually getting faster and faster and hoping that you get to the bottom in one piece. To be fair the students coped with this admirably and there were many squeals of delight as they swept around the sharp hair pin bends.

Tonight the evening activity was swimming IN AN OUTDOOR POOL! Total madness but hey the kids enjoyed it.