Today proved to be a perfect ski day after having a few more inches of snow overnight. Fresh snow meant increased confidence and all came back to lunch full of joie de vivre. Today we managed to ski with some of the students from the top group and we enjoyed watching them play around in the deep snow … the students enjoyed seeing Mr Hudson bury himself in it too!

This afternoon we skied in ‘flat light’ which is challenging for even the best of skiers. Our intrepid explorers coped with the conditions admirably. Lee Lake and Aaron Bowman have a strange magnetism and seem to get drawn together resulting in many crashes. James Woods managed to crash without any help whatsoever. Alex Majeed entertained us all with his ability to pirouette on very steep slopes (show off!).

Day2 Ski +1This evening the students bought all the sweets in the supermarket, so because of this we took them down to the sports centre to run off all their E numbers. It was the best basketball that we have ever seen them play.