31012010085Well we’re here; safe and sound in that big white city in the mountains. The journey out ran like a well-oiled machine. Gatwick coped quite well with the arrival of 40 very excited budding ‘Eddie the Harrow Way Eagle Edwards’! Lee Lake provided us with the first source of amusement as he went through security and forgot to collect his bag from the scanning machine. Thank heavens for teachers with good eye sight.

We have known for a few years now that the Hotel Skilt provides us with excellent service, but were taken aback when Kevin, the manager, greeted us in the Departure Lounge at Gatwick, telling us of the foot of snow that had fallen in Les Menuires overnight. He soon corrected our delusions of grandeur when he informed us that he had been visiting a relative in England and that it was a coincidence that he was there at the same time as us.

The flight was on time … or so we thought! Alas, we taxied down the runway only to come to a halt, to be informed that we were turning back because one of the plane’s warning systems was broken. A couple of the students who had already fallen asleep thought that it was the shortest flight ever and were gutted that we hadn’t even left Gatwick. Luckily the delay was short and we set off an hour later than was scheduled.

Our journey from Grenoble Airport added to the excitement of the children as we were met with a much deeper than usual level of snow, at a lower altitude than is the norm. No one was travel sick along the way and so Mrs Cook could sit back and enjoy the peace and quiet.

The children settled quickly into their rooms and are now fed and watered and fast asleep …