On Monday 25th January Key Stage 4 students Nicola Fletcher, Cathy Murray, Charlotte Knights and Alice Longshaw travelled to Farnborough Leisure Centre to participate in the Hampshire Badminton semi final for the second year running. Expecting a three-match event the team were disappointed to discover on arrival that one of the schools had not turned up. So they turned their focus on to winning two out of two in order to progress to the county final.

Their first match was against Robert Mays and this was not an easy start! An extremely strong team who even boasted personalised badminton t-shirts won the match with a convincing 5 games to nil. Undeterred, the girls moved on to their second match against The Vyne with a desire to leave the competition with some success. Nicola Fletcher and Cathy Murray made a great start to the cause, both winning their singles games 21-18. With one more win required to seal the match, it was a nervous finish as two of the doubles games ended in defeat. However, Cathy Murray and Charlotte Knight sealed victory with a 21-11 win.

A second place in the tournament for the second year running is a admirable feat, and with three of the girls still at Harrow Way for next year’s tournament, we have more than a chance of going that one step further next year.

Mrs Winnett