Was it going to be on or off that was the question? We were determined that the snow wasn’t going to get the better of us. Although an extremely cold and damp evening, we all braved the elements and continued the good fight. Despite the weather a good time was had by all.

It was a very entertaining tournament with some good football played by all four teams taking part. During the evening there was some impressive passing and movement and all teams played with good sportsmanship.

Harrow Way won one game, drew one game and lost their final game against Testbourne 1 – 0. If Harrow Way had won the match they would have won the tournament but alas, due to John Hanson scoring more goals in the final game we were knocked into 3rd place at the last minute instead of 2nd.

Lydia Moulding was outstanding. Her work rate was phenomenal and she must have run miles throughout the evening. A good effort girls, well done!

Team: Lydia Moulding (Capt), Ella Howells, Anna-Leigh Brookes, Kelly Butler, Abby Wheeler, Georgina Harris, Holly Guiver, Laura Jones and Emma Helsdown.