DSC02051The last Thursday in November saw the new Year 10 Sports Leaders keen to lead their first session with a primary school. And they did it so well! A group of twelve Year 6, with their teacher Miss Nicholls, arrived at Harrow Way keen to play basketball. Izzy Mumford welcomed them, introduced the other leaders and got them into two groups. The Sports Leaders then played lots of different games with them, helping them to shoot, pass and dribble. Izzy then skilfully organised the Year 6 into four teams, with a coach for each team. Huge smiles and great fun was had all round. The Year 6 left really happy, wanting to come back – and the Year 10 loved it too!

A huge thanks and well done to all fifteen leaders: Danny Tuson, Anthony Smith, Jessica Darmanin, Lucy May, Kayleigh Watkins, Charlie Quarrier, Izzy Mumford, Megan Saunders, Sophie Brown, Charlotte Mead, Charlotte Spicer, Emily Millis, Vicky Jolliffe, Jess Izard and Kiaya Walters.

Miss Nicholls said: “A big well done to the sports leaders – the children really enjoyed themselves. Keep us the hard work!” She also asked her children what they thought:

Luke: I thought it was good, my group knew how to play basketball well. I was happy that they gave up their time to help us learn.

Zoe: I thought it was really good, I enjoyed playing the game.

Anita : I enjoyed myself, the instructions were clear and I knew what I had to do.

Luke: It was fun because they taught me things I didn’t know about basketball, like the rules.

Charlie-Sue: It was great fun because I learnt how to play the game properly.

Ross: I really enjoyed the session because they helped us to learn new skills.

Louise: They made it fun! And when you got hurt they cared for you and encouraged you to join back in when we were ready.

Jacob: When we were playing the game, they cheered us on, which supported us.

Tristan: They helped us to learn new skills.