Friday 6th November at Farleigh School

As the Harrow Way team arrived to the tournament they were met with wind, rain and very cold conditions, however, the girls certainly did not let the uninviting weather affect their game. They started with a bang playing Farleigh A team when, within 3 minutes, the ball had been passed to striker Samantha Tyler who put an impressive goal past the keeper. This was shortly followed by another goal result of quick reactions and skill from Emma Helsdown sending them away with a 2-0 victory after their first match.

Considering the girls had not played together as a full team before, they showed fantastic formations, timing and teamwork and they continued to impress the other school and teacher throughout the tournament who were quick to comment on how much of a good team they were.

Although our forwards and midfielders played exceptionally well, it was our defence who really shone and kept us in the games. Cody Blackwell (GK) asserted herself throughout the tournament making vital saves one of which being a penalty. Holly Guiver, Chelsea Renshaw and Georgina Harris were a constant menace to the opposition’s attack making excellent tackles and keeping HW out of danger, they could then get the ball to our captain Abby Wheeler who showed the ability to feed the ball accurately up the pitch to the forwards.

The Girls should be very proud of themselves; they represented the school and themselves extremely well.