Harrow Way 28 v Winton 7

As the game started, Harrow Way moved the ball down the court to score the first goal. Shooters, Steph Jackson and Alice Longshaw, continued with their early success, scoring 10 goals in the first quarter. Meanwhile, in defence, Anna Bazzoni, Cathy Murray and Kim Willis kept the ball away from Winton’s shooters. At the end of the first quarter, the score was 10-2.

Harrow Way continued their winning streak and went on to score 8 more goals, with Laura Gilbank and Charlotte Knights moving the ball well into the shooters. The defenders once again worked well to keep the ball away from Winton’s shooting circle. Half time score: 18-2.

The third quarter saw Winton score a further 3 goals and Harrow Way 4 more, following a position change of Kim Willis to Goal Shooter. In the last quarter, Harrow Way remained strong, leading to a final score success of 28-7 to Harrow Way, but Winton played well.

Girl of the Game: Laura Gilbank

Report by Alice Longshaw