Harrow Way 20 – Rookwood 10

We knew this would be a tough game and it proved to be just that.  Harrow Way didn’t play as well as we know they can, but managed to stay in control for long periods of the match.

Laura Gilbank was excellent in centre court and it was due to her hard work and sheer will to win that she intercepted time and time again to give the Harrow Way shooters the chances to score.

Unfortunately our passing was not as slick as usual, but sometimes that’s the way it goes.  However there were glimmers of the potential that this team has, and when they managed to get it together, their sequenced passing up the court was inspirational!

Still lots of work to do, but what an exciting prospect this team has!

Team:  Alice Longshaw (Capt), Stephanie Jackson, Charlotte Knights, Laura Gilbank, Cathy Murray, Kim Willis

Most valuable player: Laura Gilbank