Maths_Chal_07.0901A national competition organised by Edge Hill University’s Mathematics Department attracted entrants from across the country, with teams entering from as far afield as Hertfordshire and Hampshire.

The annual Edge Hill Mathematics Challenge has a winning formula that attracted a record number of entrants, with around 230 teams of year nine students competing for the coveted award.

Maths_Chal_07.0901Daniel Falcone, Rhys Few, Ryan Howell and Arron Stratton made up Harrow Way Community School’s Team and were one of twenty seven teams that made it through to the last round, travelling to Ormskirk for the final judging process.  Harrow Way School became a Specialist School in Maths and Computing in September 2008.

Maths_Chal_07.0901The judging panel, formed from teachers from across the North West, spent the day meeting students to discuss their entries, with many youngsters producing presentations and poster displays, together with ICT resources.

Maths_Chal_07.0901Mr Kambarev was extremely proud of the boys. Having travelled for 4 hours, the students had time to run through their presentation and familiarise themselves with the set-up. After lunch they made their presentation to the panel of judges who asked them questions about their findings. The team answered with confidence and were most professional. The boys are a credit to the school.

Very well done for reaching the national finals.