Year 7 Report, by Lauren Willis
On Thursday 2nd July the Year 7 rounders team had a match in the blazing heat against Testbourne School. We fielded first and there was some excellent play with 2 brilliant catches from Cassie Weeks on fourth base.
Then our batting team was very good with only a couple of us getting out and most of the players getting half or full rounders.
After the first innings the score was 6 1/2 to Testbourne and 9 1/2 to Harrow Way.
During the second fielding session we let the heat get to us and gave away a few rounders, but we kept our spirits up. We needed 7 rounders in our second bat to win. Maddie Loftus, Izzy Smart and Phoebe Williams pulled it out of the bag with several good rounders. Also scoring some brilliant half rounders were Chloe Lister, Lauren Willis, Chelsey Renshaw, Georgina Harris and Abby Wheeler.
The final score was 14 1/2, 16 1/2 to Harrow WAy.
It was a hard match to play but we pulled through and got a good result.

Year 8 Report, by Miss Green
On this hot afternoon, the Year 8 team kept their cool against an impressive Testbourne side. The first innings of 30 balls saw Harrow Way achieving an impressive 11 1/2 rounders, but this was closely matched by Testbourne who were allowed too many cheap half-rounders and managed a total of 8.
The second innings was just as hard fought. Jess Wilson continued to hit the ball superbly, totalling 6 rounders in the game. Ella Howells sadly got out by an excellent 1 handed catch from a Testbourne girl and could not add to the three rounders she scored in the first innings.
Testbourne improved greatly during their second innings. Their confidence in hitting led them to score 7 full rounders. However, Abby Portsmouth’s consistently accurate bowling denied them cheap half rounders and some notable catches by Lydia Moulding at backstop and Ella Howells at 2nd base kept the game close till the end.
The game finished 21 1/2 rounders to 19, a win for Harrow Way. An excellent result and an excellent team effort.

Team List: Abby Portsmouth, Lydia Moulding, Ellie Argarou, Clara Franklin, Ellie Roche, Jess Wilson, Ella Howells, Jessica Borley-Thorpe, Annie Leigh Brookes, Kelly Butler