Twelve Year 2s from Portway Infant School were the first to arrive at Harrow Way gym for their Tri Golf Festival. Excited and loving being at the ‘big school’, they told Miss Sturges and Miss Escritt all about themselves before getting into their three teams: Putters, Chippers and Drivers.  Kimpton Bunkers, Appleshaw Albatrosses, Knights Enham Birdies and Knights Enham Eagles all arrived soon after, just as keen and excited! 
All the children impressed everyone with their golfing knowledge, before having fun with the ‘Tiger Says’ warm up.  Then they set off with their teams to get ready for the first practice and game.  The Year 8 Young Leaders also introduced themselves to their teams.
The putting games came first with Finders’ Keepers, Golden Nuggets and Dominoes. All the teams putted well and were a credit to their schools. Fun was had with the chippers next!  Balls were flying everywhere as teams were keen to Hop the Hazard and get a Hole in One!
After official team photographs were taken, the results and presentation began. The final results were:
Winners: Knights Enham Eagles
Runners Up: Knights Enham Birdies
3rd place: Portway Putters
4th place: Appleshaw Albatrosses
5th place: Portway Chippers
6th place: Kimpton Bunkers
7th place: Portway Drivers
Congratulations to all teams for the sporting way they competed and for their smiles and enthusiasm!  Special congratulations must also go to Knights Enham Infants – who says hockey sticks cannot be used for golf practice! 
Elaine Escritt and Rhonda Sturges would like to thank all the children, Year 8 Leaders, staff and parents for joining us this afternoon and making the whole event so enjoyable.