DSC00800Six teams from Portway, a team from Appleshaw and guest golfers from Year 7 Harrow Way had great fun at the first ever ‘Year 5 Harrow Way Tri Golf Festival’! The Portway Putters, Chippers, Pars, Birdies, Bunkers and Fairways , the Appleshaw Albatrosses and the Harrow Way Hackers, Hazards and Eagles were all ably lead by a team of twenty Year 8 students. These students had undergone Leadership training and were highly praised by Jane Pridmore of Portway Juniors. She commented on how well they explained the games and on their enthusiasm. The Year 8 were also there to ensure the safety of the players and to score.

DSC00792[1]Following a welcome and a warm up (Tiger Says is great fun!), the teams set off for two minutes practice at each station. Following this, a drinks break and an explanation of how the score cards worked, the teams set off for three and a half minutes of competition at each station. Cheering on your team was compulsory!

Huge smiles and super feedback from all players showed the organisers, Elaine Escritt and Rhonda Sturges, how much the young players had enjoyed the afternoon. ‘We want to come back!’ and ‘We want more Tri Golf!’ was mentioned quite a few times!

DSC00806During the presentation, the Year 8s announced the top teams for each station, before final placings were announced. Well done to Portway Bunkers who were runners up with 218 points and well done to Portway Fariways who were the winners with 220 points. They lifted the Pitts Trophy and wore their medals proudly. A special mention must go to Appleshaw who had never played before and who came sixth with 171 points.

Well done to all teams on a super sporting afternoon!

If anyone is interested in taking up golf, there are many clubs in the area, including Andover Golf Club, Hampshire Golf Club, Tidworth and Upavon.