JG06.0913Year 7 have been creating monster illustrations with Mrs Gibbs where they were exploring the qualities of the shading pencil through different shading techniques and mark making. 

JG06.0930Throughout the year, students from Year 8 were creating an abstract composition based on the work of Wassily Kandinsky using watercolour and led by Mrs Gibbs.   Those students who wanted to develop their skills further were given the opportunity to experiment with colouring pencil, aiming for blending and 3D effect.

JG06.0944Primary, secondary, harmonious and monochromatic colour schemes have been the focus for Mrs Gibbs’s Year 9 art students. Using one of these colour schemes, students rose to the challenge of blending two oil pastels in each shape, to create their own abstract compositions.  Please click on the thumbnail to see their works of art.