Rowing MachineThursday 20th May, 10am, and twelve students set off for their Superstars event at Mountbatten School, Romsey, with SSCo, Rhonda Sturges.

Chosen for their sporting ability and effort, the twelve KS3 students set off calmly in the minibus, unsure of what awaited them. This was the first year Harrow Way students had entered the competition and, as it was the first year Miss Sturges had seen the event, no one really knew what to expect!

Arriving at the school, they were greeted by Pat Salmon and joined students from John Hanson, Mountbatten and Romsey Schools. They then set off in their groups to the different events:

     Golf putting challenge
     500m row in the fitness suite
     1000m run
     Multi target station (football, cricket, basketball and tennis)
     Fitness station (vertical jump, speed bounce and chest push)

DSC00670All Harrow Way students represented themselves and the school exceptionally well. In particular, there were some notable achievements: Sam Catton won the Year 9 boys 1000m run and Ellie Roche would have impressed Miss Escritt by winning the Year 8 girls’ golf challenge (the practice in Mrs Essop’s room paid off!). Ben Emans had a good 2nd in the Year 7 boys 1000m and Holly Eaton was impressive at the fitness station with a good 2nd place. Steph Boulton and Steph Jackson got 2nd and 3rd respectively in the Year 9 girls’ golf. Jon Akehurst achieved two second places (golf and 500m row), as did Harvey North (500m row and multi target station). Cassie Weeks also did well in the multi target station, coming 2nd.

Following all the events, a presentation was made in the gym with final places being announced. It is hoped that the top four in each age group will go forward to the County Superstars final at Hamble on Friday 3rd July. From Harrow Way, the following students are hoping to be there:

     Year 7 boys: Harvey North (3rd place)

     Year 7 girls: Holly Eaton (4th place)

     Year 8 girls: Ellie Roche (1st place)

     Year 9 boys: Jon Akehurst (2nd place) and Sam Catton (4th place)

With Ellie and Jon achieving high positions, and with good swimming times behind them, they both stand a very good chance at the finals. Good luck to everyone and thank you again to all twelve students. A very pleasurable and memorable day!