LC 023Geography/Science

Last week students investigated measuring carbon footprint and how to calculate the school’s carbon footprint. Frank Kenny from Office Depot, and Bernie Hurn from Simply Health delivered presentations to the group of Year 9 students on their company policies for reducing carbon footprint. These presentations were very informative and gave the year 9 gifted and talented students plenty of ideas to work with for the task ahead.

LC 021Using the BP toolkit software the students were put into smaller groups to work on their project. Cross curricular skills used included geographical and scientific knowledge and understanding, Literacy, numeracy and ICT, collaborative group work and independent enquiry, and higher order thinking skills.

The students will have to present their findings to Governors, Mr Currie, Mr Badby and all tutor groups as Powerpoints, written reports, visual displays and newscasts at a later date. The day was very much enjoyed and we’re all awaiting their prepared conclusions.