TB3April0906This challenge involved mines, mountains and cave trolls…

The three day adventure began with a drive to Big Pit in Wales. This was one of the coal mines in Wales, and we learnt a lot about mining there thanks to a brilliant guide called Pete. Who knew they kept horses down the mine?!

Luckily we managed not to lose anyone down the mine, though Cailen and Conor gave it their best shot – the tour guide has to guide!

After this amazing learning experience we then darted back to the bus. We were battling rain, though thankfully not trolls… We set up in our new home, a lovely house in the middle of Wales, countryside and sheep.

TB3April0920Next we set off out for dinner and bowling! The pro of bowling – Charlie! She hit maximum points, a very impressive show. Nathan got better and better and the bowling went on.

Tuesday morning dawned bright and frosty. We had to hit the highest mountain in South Wales – Pen y Fan. We geared up; we set out; we realised it was really high!!!!

TB3April0948We worked as an amazing team to climb this mountain, and to return back down. We navigated bog trolls and an unexpected hail storm, munching as we went to keep up our strength. Even though there was one hail storm, the weather was beautiful!

To all of TB! – WELL DONE for climbing the highest mountain in South Wales! You were amazing!

Congratulations to Kayleigh on this trip as she really shone, leading the way up the mountain and organising the skit TB1 put on in the evening. Once off the mountain and back at the house TB1 arranged a play for the staff. Enda, our specialist guide, had an amazing rendition done of him by a member of TB1!

TB3April0977Caving took place on Wednesday morning. After squeezing into special suits TB1 set off into the dark, looming depths of the cave…. They emerged unscathed but very wet! Wellies were emptied, socks wrung out, muddy faces … well, kept muddy. Why not?

A very tired TB1 headed back home, Wednesday 29th April. We had an amazing time! A big well done and thank you to everyone on TB1 – you cleaned, you cooked, you were spectacular.

Thanks to the staff of Tile Barn, Enda and Katie. They made everything brilliant for us.