Kayaking01The day started with the quest of figuring out what all the equipment actually was. Several bemused expressions later and we all figured out the bits of plastic with giant holes in were to keep our kayaks from sinking (which didn’t work – find out more later…). After various fights with buoyancy aids, wet suits and spiders leaping out of clothes, the kayaking adventure began.


Confidence grew as this amazing team started rowing with skill and building rafts by attaching themselves to one another. Then the games began! Several balls were launched far into the lake and the intrepid kayakers had to collect as many as possible – all the while competing with their team mates. This lead them to throw caution to the wind as the scent of the chase took over. Further capsizing occurred, with Conor drinking from the briny depths (which turned out to be rather shallow; thanks to our capsized buddies for teaching us that).

Kayaking37A short nap in the kayaks and lunch later, and it was back into the lake. Further exploration was attempted, all the while watching out for the Velocer raptor swans that were guarding their territory.

The final challenge involved running over every one else’s kayak. This required immense team work which TB1 excelled in. There were hilarious moments in these epic runs, as the video footage shows. Kayaking61Conor should be congratulated for being the last man standing! During all these adventures we had to keep an eye out for the rare, endangered, and possibly mythical, albino crabs…

TB1 should be congratulated – everyone got wet, some more so than others, but every one had a fabulous day. This was all due to TB1’s positive and fun attitude! Bring on the next challenge!!