During 2 days of the February half term, 111 parents and children visited the school to take part in the following:

IMG_7736_low_resJUNK SCULPTURE: a Robot or fantasy figure was made from recycled junk with artist Chris Jenkins.

RAKU FIRED POTTERY: Raku glazed ceramic bowls were produced. With ceramic artist Jonny Diorio.

IMG_7756_low_resFASHION ACCESSORIES: were designed and colourful bags, brooches, pendants and accessories created with textile designer Sue Riley.

TEXTILES/T-SHIRT DESIGN: screen printing was used to make own brand or logo-ready to wear t-shirts! With textile artist Dawn Dupree.

Please click on the thumbnails to view more pictures. These most succesful sessions were organised by Kim Francis, Extended Schools Co-ordinator based at Harrow Way School. 

‘Workshops organised in partnership with ‘The Making’, a crafts education charity based in Basingstoke’
Please visit their website by using the following link.