DSC00320A sunny Wednesday on the Harrow Way field was the perfect setting for the Andover and District Rural Schools’ Football Competition. Organised by Owen Tromans, PLT of Kimpton School, and supported by the Harrow Way PE Department and Andover FC, the day ran smoothly and extremely well.  

There was a festival feel to the day with the organisers’ tent at the centre of the event, the corner flags fluttering and the new iGoals, purchased through Extended Services, standing impressively on each pitch. Year 9 Harrow Way Leaders (Robbie Skeates, Aidan Jansen and Anna Bazzoni) were on hand as pitch marshalls to support the HSA supported Andover FC referees. Click on the thumbnail above to view photographs.

Owen welcomed all the teams to Harrow Way and the competition quickly followed. Sportsmanship and excellent football were evident in both groups; all the matches were great games to watch with many goals being scored!  Anna, a player for New Street and Wolverdene, commented: ‘I am impressed at how much skill the players have, especially their one touch passing.’

Hatherden, Barton Stacey, Smannell and Enham, Abbotts Ann, Kimpton and Clatford were in Group 1 with Longparish, Amport, Grateley, Appleshaw, Shipton Bellinger and Hurstbourne Tarrant in Group 2.

With the group games over, everyone was praised for their efforts. A special mention went to Smannell and Enham who fielded a younger team and found some matches hard but they kept going; they were ably supported and encouraged by Robbie Skeates. Certificates were presented to all participants who agreed they had had a very enjoyable afternoon. They are already looking forward to next year!

Winner of Group 1 was Clatford who went on to play Appleshaw, the runners up in Group 2. This was a very close game with Clatford winning 2-1. Winner of Group 2 was Longparish who played Kimpton, the Group 1 runners up.  This semi-final went to a penalty shoot out which was nail-biting and very exciting!  Kimpton were the eventual winners. In the final, Clatford proved to be the stronger team, scoring some great goals. They collected the gold medals with Kimpton collecting the silver. 

Well done to all twelve teams!  The competition was great fun, everyone enjoyed themselves and were great sportspeople!

Jenny Allerton, Chair of the Sports Association, welcomed the new venue for the competition and thought the day went really well. ‘ Well done Owen! The football was brilliant, as was the organisation. It was so good to be on grass and have so much space; thank you to Harrow Way and for the use of your school!’