uncle frank 008Have you met my uncle Frank?

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Mrs Collins introduced Year 8s to a project called ‘Hideous Portraits’ which required the students to imagine they worked in a call centre taking instructions over the phone for a portrait. This particular portrait was of ‘Uncle Frank’.

The students were not allowed to make a drawing but had to paint directly into their sketchbook. This took a lot of courage and a great deal of careful colour mixing. Here is a selection of the portraits and the description they were given ‘over the phone’.

‘I’d like a portrait of my uncle Frank please, he is very kind, but sometimes looks severe. He has the following attributes:

  • Square face
  • Round, green eyes
  • Wide nose, with a spot
  • Dark brown eyebrows – quite bushy
  • Full lips, sometimes bluish
  • Auburn moustache and beard
  • Dark brown, curly hair
  • Scar, from a very nasty accident
  • Warm complexion

Perhaps you know him.”

The project also includes the making of charcoal self-portraits, blindfold drawings and a final outcome in clay. More pics to come.