gcsefeb09 070During half term Harrow Way Community School held an exhibition of ‘Natural Forms’ paintings at The Fairground Gallery in Weyhill.

The vibrant, creative paintings were created by year 10 students and represented the final outcome of their first project at GCSE. The students developed their ideas through different materials and drawing methods and used inspiration from a range of artists. Harrow Way is keen to celebrate student artwork and present it to a wider audience outside the school.


Comments from members of the public during the week included;
‘creative work’, ‘very bright and original’, ‘really loved the fantastic originality of all these lovely works of art’, ‘some really creative pieces’.

Harrow Way would like to thank Garry Kennard, a Winchester based artist for his continued support of the Art Dept. Garry very kindly shared his paintings with us, both as finished pieces and as work in progress. He also delivered a power point presentation of his starting points, his inspiration and the importance of using a sketchbook. Garry was unable to visit the exhibition as he was abroad at the time but he wished the year 10 artists every success for their future.

You can find Garry’s work on his website: www. garrykennard.com