DSC00294Wednesday 4th March
The 3 v 3 Junior School Basketball competition is an annual event that is hosted at Harrow Way School. The girls’ competition had 6 entries and played in the gym and the boys’ competition had 7 teams entered and played in the sports hall.

All games were played with great enthusiasm and sportsmanship.

Girls’ competition results
Rookwood 1st
Anton 2nd
Andover C of E 3rd
Vigo 4th
Portway 1 5th
Portway A 6th

Boys’ competition results
Anton 1st
Portway 1 2nd
Portway A 3rd
St John’s 3rd
Rookwood 5th
Vigo 6th
Andover C of E 7th

Harrow Way provided all of the referees who were most professional and fantastic role models for the young basketballers.

Miss Escritt and Miss Sturgess wanted to thank all the primary pupils for their participation in the event and for staying to watch the finals, and the teachers and parents for their transportation and support. Also a huge thank you to the following Harrow Way students for their refereeing, time-keeping and scoring:
Grace Howells, Steph Villiers, Harry Crockford, Hugo Candeias, Anna Bazzoni, Steph Jackson, Alice Longshaw and Cathy Murray.