Harrow Way 8 Test Valley 0

It was a slow start for Harrow Way in this first match after the long winter break. However, after the first quarter, Harrow Way settled into their normal rhythm and showed how well they can play.

Cassie Weeks was the real linchpin in the team commanding centre court and starting the attacks usually after some excellent interception play.

Holly Eaton and Lauren Willis never really let much play get into our defending third and so Holly Guives did not see much of the ball as goal keeper. Therefore, the shooters for Test Valley were almost redundant.

Another good team performance and with a little more work on timing of moves, this team will begin to thrive.

Team – Georgina Harris, Chloe Lister (capt), Izzy Smart, Cassie Weeks, Lauren Willis, Holly Guiver, Holly Eaton, Reserve: Chelsea Renshaw