Day 7 EE20Please use the thumbnail to view today’s gallery of photographs.
This morning we woke up to a thick covering of fresh snow. It was absolutely stunning!

It was the golden opportunity for the top group to experience real powder skiing; a rare treat for any skier. The middle group skied for miles down to St Martin de Belleville, the lowest village in the resort, where they saw real ‘chocolate box’ type scenery. The beginners group hopped over the valley to Val Thoren, the highest resort in the Three Valleys; a magnificent achievement for only one week on skies. Day 7 EE16On the other hand Mrs Cook treated Mr Hudson and Miss Escritt to a spectacular display after falling off a Poma lift. Not only did she lose a ski and have to retrieve it, but also slid down on a world cup downhill slope on her back, upside down and spinning as the slope was extremely icy due to its preparation for a race. However, eventually she regained her composure and met up with her colleagues once again who had been watching her from a distance in absolute hysterics. In fact they would have paid to have seen such an event.

Day 7 EE50This evening the students had a certificate presentation by the instructors who had been teaching them all week. In return our students had made a collection and bought a small gift as a token of their appreciation. We then went into town to do any last minute shopping; boy, can they spend money; then finally packing ready for a very early start in the morning for the return journey. The trip would not have been complete without a team snowball fight, and so the group ventured outside and the battle commenced. Somehow the staff managed to take a bit of a battering, but they gave as good as they got. It was good to end the trip on such a high.

Mr Hudson, Miss Escritt and Mrs Cook would like to thank all the students for the way in which they have conducted themselves on the trip. They have been great fun, a delight to be around and once again a credit to the school.