Day6Disco18There are no pictures today of our skiers due to the weather conditions; it was very windy (we’ve all exfoliated due to the snow blasting in our faces) however; there was plenty of spectacular skiing to be had.  The top group took an exciting route in fresh snow down to St Martin de Belleville. The middle group took a route through the trees and experienced a few unintended wipeouts which caused great hilarity. The beginners have continued to impress and are racing around the resort.

Day6Disco37The staff’s entertainment tonight was the students’ disco.  We joined with the two other schools that are sharing our hotel and went to the local night club where they put on a good evening.  The last song played was from the film ‘Dirty Dancing’, ‘I’ve had the time of my life’ when all the Harrow Way gang gathered together and sang and danced with passion.  As you can see from the photos, they all had a good time.

As we write our blog we can see big snow flakes falling which bodes well for a fantastic finale to our trip.