Day 5 morning77Please use the thumbnail to view today’s photographs.

As you can see we are a bunch of happy skiers! It’s a bit windy today so the top lifts are closed but the beauty of Les Menuires is that there is so much skiing that there still remains plenty to do and explore. The instructors are very clever and skilled in their methods and they always come up with a novel exercise for the students to try out.  e.g. the top group have had to try to ski down a black run with no poles and holding hands.  The end result … absolute carnage, but hysterical for the staff to watch.  They have also tackled a slalom run and all remained on their feet with the slalom poles staying in place.  The beginner group is going further and further a field; the middle group went to the summit of Le Masse.

Having had lunch they’re all out and about again so we look forward to their dramatic, if not exaggerated, tales of how they’re going to qualify for the next winter Olympics.

Day 5 - Bum Boarding35This evening’s entertainment was ‘bum boarding’ either on or off a board (control was optional; we didn’t see much evidence of this)!  This event took place on the slope immediately next to the hotel and some got close to returning through the front door of the hotel!  Three race tracks were set up and the students competed against each other for the title of ‘King Bum’.  All competitors threw themselves down the slope at speed to come up at the end covered in snow and with a big cheesy grin.  The photos are all the proof you need. Some even took off, becoming air-borne. Please click on the thumbnail to view the pictures.  After the event the students returned to the hotel, tired and exhilarated and the hot chocolate was very welcome to warm us all up.