Day 3 - EE5Please use the thumbnails to link to today’s photo gallery.

The day started with … guess what? A game of ‘Hunt the Gloves’! Nobody wanted to play except Harry D. It’s becoming a boring game and we’re thinking of using a piece of string through his jacket to tie his gloves together.

The conditions this morning have been superb and all groups have skied miles. Kathryn M was the star of the show this morning when she did much for diplomatic relations when skiing into a ‘learner’ French lady … there was a great puff of snow and it all looked very dramatic, but no one was hurt; apologies were exchanged all round.

We feel Liam and Alice have something going on between them (some kind of magnetism) as Liam keeps insisting on taking Alice out; although we think that she’d prefer a date at the pictures!

The top group ventured to the summit of Le Masse where they were greeted with panoramic views where Mont Blanc could be seen in the distance. It was very windy up there, but exhilarating. The runs down are ‘red’, ‘black’ and steep; all rose to the challenge. The middle group, remarkably, made it to the halfway stage; a first in the history of trips to this resort that the middle group have achieved this.

Today all students have made great progress and enjoyed skiing in near perfect conditions.

Day 3 - EE15This evening we walked up to Reberty to the outdoor pool; it seems rather strange to be in an outdoor pool surrounded by snowy mountains. The students enjoyed ‘playing’ in the cold snow and then diving into the pool which felt like a warm bath after being chilled to the core. Guess what? … Jon A lifted a key from the depths of the pool and asked everyone to join in the game of ‘hunt the owner’. The winner was … Harry D!

Once again a very enjoyable day.