Day 2 - 1st on snow5Today the students were bright and breezy as they were excited with the prospect of the first day’s skiing (Well, with the exception of Ken, Joe and Ryan; Miss Escritt now has bruised knuckles from hammering on the door to wake them up!). Conditions were excellent; nice, deep, crisp snow and sunny spells.

   Harry D decided to play ‘Hunt the Glove’, having lost one before he had even used them!

Day 2 - 1st on snow28The instructors seem to be a nice bunch and the children are responding well to their teaching methods.  The beginners group are off the nursery slope already and have conquered the main piste into the centre of the resort.  They have mastered the art of using a chairlift and seem cautiously confident.  We have decided that Kameron would be no good at hailing a taxi in London as he let 2 chairlifts pass him by without getting on either of them.  We must now convince him that you have to catch the lift because you can’t ski uphill!  Liam tried to do an impression of a fish as he got caught in a safety net at the side of the piste, but we assured him that fishermen do not frequent ski slopes.  Marcelle, the instructor, has christened him ‘Crash Test Dummy’. 

At lunch time the atmosphere was electric as students swapped stories of who had skied the fastest and who had crashed the most.

After lunch, Harry D decided to play ‘Hunt the Ski’!  Kameron obviously hadn’t bonded with his own skis during the morning, so decided that as Harry D had skied so well in the morning, Kam’d use his instead to see if they’d work better for him! (to be fair, they were identical skis to look at).  After much investigating by Detective Inspector Cook, she solved the mystery of the missing skis when she noticed that both boys were having difficulty putting their skis on.  Oh, the trials and tribulations of being a beginner skier!
Day 2 - 1st on snow60Hope T treated the staff to a gymnastic demonstration when she slid very elegantly on her derriere in her final run back to the hotel.  She was awarded 9/10 for poise and execution as she walked away with a grin!  All returned home at the end of the day with rosey cheeks, happy stories and tired legs.  The energy balance was soon restored after a trip to the supermarket to stock up on their ‘tuck’ supplies.  Harry D decided to play ‘Hunt the Key’ as he had locked himself out of his room by leaving the key in there.  Harry D must have played hide and seek a lot as a young child!

Tonight we are all off to the sports centre for a badminton and basketball challenge … and then, BED! zzzzzzzzzzzzzz