At last! The day that we’ve all been waiting for, arrived … but, too early in the morning!  Who arranges a ski trip that has to leave at 3.30 in the morning? … MR HUDSON!  Thankfully, everyone managed to arrive on time, although Kathryn Moore left it until as her alarm failed to go off! Kathryn adeptly applied her make-up on the coach and still managed to look better than Mr Hudson! Thank you, parents, for making this work so well.

The journey to Gatwick passed smoothly and quietly; teachers’ heaven.  Our entertainment for the morning was birthday boy, Harry Crockford (alias Chippendale or is that Chipmunk?) who performed a fantastic striptease as he went through security.  Harry was wearing a long-sleeved t-shirt with metal fasteners all over it and set the security scanner off and therefore had to remove it to prove that it was his clothes and not him that posed the security risk.  Our flight left on time and everyone tucked into the (in)adequate breakfast.

Our arrival at Grenoble was an experience. How do you fit 1,000 people into a room the size of a telephone box with all their luggage? Well, somehow we managed to and all successfully found their own bag.

The final leg of the journey was the coach ride from the airport to the resort, and suddenly there was a buzz of excitement in the air as the vista of the snow-capped mountains came into view. 

After the friendly welcome from the hotel staff, the students settled in quickly and are now tucked up in bed, fast asleep.

We all look forward to Day 2 as the snow looks very inviting.